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 Uni Titanium. New. Different.

Uni-Titanium from UK Sailmakers is an innovative technological development for customers who demand the highest performance from their sails. Uni-Titanium is the only sail making system that takes advantage of both corner to corner load bearing fiber as well as Uni directional spread carbon filaments. When we add these “Unis” to our already successful Titanium line, they allow the same sail handling and weight characteristics as a traditional sail, but deliver performance that approaches zero stretch.

At 20% greater stretch resistance than any competing string and film sail for nearly identical weight, the most durable film sails on the market have become the highest performing.

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About the Loft    
UK Sailmakers has moved down the street and is under the new management of Dave Coughlin who is an experienced sailor, sailmaker and coach. "Our mission is to reinvigorate UK Sailmakers' presence in the Chesapeake Bay area." To help our customers get more enjoyment out of their sails, we offer a complete line of educational services including: * Sail trim Guides on Mainsails, Genoas, Spinnakers and Cruising Spinnakers.
* Sailcare Guide
* The 56-page UK Encyclopedia of Sails
* One-Design tuning guides for many classes
* Sailing instruction including classroom seminars and on the water clinics
* Consulting on almost anything to do with sailing and sailboats.

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