THE UK Sailmakers CODE 00

Posted on 30-08-2011 by Adam
Pictured above is the new UK Sailmakers Code 00 spinnaker. This chute is designed specifically for jib reaching situations on boats rigged with non-overlapping jibs.

Jibs used on boats with this sail configuration are intended for windward performance. They are typically very high aspect sails, which means they develop tons of twist the minute the sheet is eased. In a word, they are not good reaching sails; thus, boatspeed suffers the minute the wind gets too high or too close for a regular Code 0.

THE UK Sailmakers CODE 00  THE UK Sailmakers CODE 00

Enter the Code 00 (Double Zero)! It is a small Code 0 that (on a sprit boat) sets with the sprit only partially extended allowing for more luff tension. The Code 00 sheets to a spot forward of the corner of the transom (usually with the sheet running through a twing line). The twing can be eased in puffs opening the top of the sail and then trimmed down again once the puff passes.

The Code 00 is made from an appropriate weight Code 0 laminate for maximum shape retention.

Sailing tests indicate higher boatspeeds than a jib in virtually all wind speeds where the sail can be carried and apparent wind angles in the high 40's were easily achieved in lighter going.

Need some reaching help? Maybe the Code 00 is the answer? Call you nearest UK Sailmakers loft. 


Code 00