Posted on 30-08-2011 by Adam
Web, iPhone, Android- Free Applications!

* Real-Time reports from over 50,000 stations worldwide.
* Virtual stations for any point on the globe.
* Customized Alerts- Set your wind alerts for Real Time or Forecasted thresholds.
* User Profiles- Build your own list of stations and share them with your friends!
* International forecast models + our own WRAMS high resolution model.
* Tides, Wind Archives, Wind Statistics, scrolling wind graphs,…..and more!

WindAlert is created by a small group of sailors, engineers, and meteorologists striving to create an easy to use, free, and complete wind resource. We invite you to come take a look and tell us what you think!

New Features this week:
* Real Time virtual stations- By integrating the 50,000 weather stations in our system with high resolution computer models, WindAlert is the first weather application to produce a real-time wind estimate for any spot on the globe. All you have to do is click on the map to see and create your own station for the locations where you go.
* Nautical Charts!- We have just added full Nautical Charts for North America! Come see how awesome it is to see the wind data (real and virtual) overlaid in real-time on the charts you use every day!

WindAlert Widgets:

Do you have a website? Then you need wind data! WindAlert wind widgets are designed to give you valuable content for your visitors. Widgets are completely customizable for color, size, and units to match your website. Simply cut and paste a little code and you’ll have wind graphs, wind maps, forecast tables, forecast graphs, or one of our favorites: Wind Statistics!

For more information about WindAlert please visit or you can download our popular smartphone applications