Lazy Cradle

UK Sailmakers' Lazy Cradle is absolutely the easiest way to put away your mainsail. Our sail handling system is a combination of a sail cover and lazy jacks. You simply lower the halyard, let the sail settle between the lazy jacks into the cover. Once the sail is completely lowered, zip the cover closed over the top of the sail. The system is perfect for short-handed crews.

Since the cover catches the sail as it comes down, the helmsman can't get blinded by drapes of sailcloth while entering a harbor or narrow channel. No longer will you have to search for the sail cover or battle with it in a breeze. Just drop and zip. In moments your mainsail is neatly put away and protected from the sun. Because many sailors are too tired at the end of the day to wrestle with their sail covers, they leave their sails exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. The Lazy Cradle is more apt to be used because it is easier to use, and that will make your mainsail last longer.

The cover holds a nice clean shape and looks as neat as it performs. The full length battens that run parallel to the zipper hold the cover open when lowering the sail and give the cover a smooth shape when zipped closed. Made from Sunbrella, the same material as your existing protective covers, you can have your Lazy Cradle match your dodger, bimini and roller furling cover. For bigger covers a second ply of woven polyester sailcloth is added to the inside of the cover for strength.

The significant advantage of the Lazy Cradle is that it is not attached to the mainsail. That means the sail can be removed easily. When the cover is sewn to the sail, the main sail cannot be removed without disconnecting the lazy jacks. The cover can attach to the boom two ways. With loose-footed mains, the cover has a bolt-rope or slugs on its center line that slide into the slot on the top of your boom. If you mainsail is not loose footed, light aluminum bolt rope tracks need to be installed on each side of the boom.

The drawing is a cross-sectional view showing the single bolt-rope and double bolt-rope attachment methods.

When sailing the cover can be left up or it can be rolled neatly alongside the boom. To roll up the cover, loosen the lazy jacks, pull them forward and then roll the cover from the batten down to the boom. Integral buckles hold the rolled up cover next to the boom while sailing. Rolling up the cover will eliminate any noise and unsightliness of the cover flapping in the breeze.

UK Sailmakers accessories - Lazy cradle

The lazy cradle has many well thought out details. Included are integral sail ties that close with plastic snap buckles. Using the ties keeps the sail small inside the cover.

The Lazy Cradle also has reinforced slits for the reef lines to pass through the cover and around the boom.

To recap, all you need to do to raise your main is unzip the front panel and then unzip the top of the cover. Notice the circulating zipper control pull. Next undo the sail ties if you used them, and then raise the sail. If you choose to leave the cover up while sailing, just re-zip the front panel, which will minimize the cover blowing around.

The Lazy Cradle is one more example of UK Sailmakers' line of cruising sails. Our goal is to make sailing more enjoyable and dependable.