Dacron Cross-Cut Sails

All UK Sailmakers sails are made from 54” panels of material that is broad-seamed together at a loft to create the desired aerodynamic shape. How those panels are combined and what reinforcements are added make the UK Sailmakers difference.

For well-made, durable, and inexpensive cruising sails, choose UK Sailmakers's Dacron sails. Dacron cruising sails are the heart of the UK Sailmakers business. Even though UK Sailmakers mostly advertises leading edge sail materials and patented construction methods, half the sails the worldwide group makes are traditional woven polyester cruising sails. Cruising sailors like Dacron for its durability - no material is tougher. Many customers come in with sails over 10 years old looking to "get one more season out them." That's because woven polyester stands up to flogging and the sun's UV rays better than any material used in sailmaking.

The trade-off in choosing the durability of Dacron is performance. While a Dacron sail will stay in one piece for more than a decade, it starts losing its aerodynamic shape over time because polyester yarn is relatively stretchy compared to high tech yarns like aramid and carbon fiber. Blown-out, poorly shaped sails increase heeling and reduce the distance you can sail in a given amount of time.

Dacron cloth is best suited for cross-cut designs, which is the same construction system used in our high tech Tape-Drive® sails. The marriage between UK Sailmakers's proprietary AccuCut CAD/CAM design program, cross-cut technology and Dacron produces the fastest sails possible. Fast sails increase your cruising range, or they get you to you next anchorage faster so you'll have more time for swimming, socializing or plain relaxing.

But don't make the mistake of assuming that all Dacron sails are the same. The difference is in the construction details, and the reason UK Sailmakers Dacron sails may be more expensive is that the sailmaker puts more into a sail. The following is how UK Sailmakers makes all their Dacron sails.

UK Sailmakers Dracon Batmain