Tape-Drive® Sails

Speed, Versatility, Durability

UK Sailmakers has dedicated over two decadse to improving and refining what are now the most durable racing sails on the market - Tape-Drive® sails. The resulting advances in design, construction and materials have made them the versatile choice for both racers and cruisers looking for sails with dramatically extended peak performance life.  Tape-Drive sails hold their shape after years of hard sailing. If you race, cruise or do both, Tape-Drive sails offer you a unique combination of speed, versatility and durability found in no other sails.

- Two-part construction process - structural strength and the skin that defines a sail's three dimensional shape.
- A grid of high strength, low stretch tapes carries the primary structural loads of a Tape-Drive sail.
- A three-dimensionally shaped membrane - the fabric or skin - produces aerodynamic shape.
- The tapes, with a breaking strength of up to 1900 pounds, radiate across the sail with a heavier concentration at the predicted high load areas - the corners and along the leech.
- Tape-Drive® sails are light weight without compromising performance or durability.
- Tape-Drive® sails have extended wind ranges - able to lift and fill in light air and still hold designed shape when highly loaded.

Carries the Load

Computers generate load paths arching between the corners of a sail Tape-Drive® yarns conforms to these load paths.

- On many Tape-Drive® sails, the membrane includes an extra layer of yarns at an angle to the horizontal. Called an X-Ply or Tri-Axial Yarn, they further enhance the off-tape-line strength of the sail.

- The skin laminate is uniform throughout the sail. There is no differential stretch or shrinkage from panel to panel.
- There are no load bearing seams to creep, distort or worse yet, fail.

The result is a sail that holds its designed shape and stays smooth longer than any other high tech sail on the market.

Tape-Drive® is the only sail that comes with a guarantee against catastrophic failure.

Depending on the size of your boat and its sail requirements, your UKS ailmakers will help you select the appropriate membrane material from a wide variety of custom designed laminates using scrims of aramid, Spectra, Pentex, fiberglass or polyester yarns.

UK Sailmakers Tape-Drive