Titanium® Sails

Titanium® for Racing

UK Sailmakers’s Top of the Line Sails

Titanium® is UK Sailmakers’s highest performance sail construction method and it is now available from any one of UK Sailmakers’s 50 lofts and service centers. These sails are the result of a five-year development program undertaken by the UK Sailmakers loft in southern France. Titanium sails are the ultimate load path sails. They are a refinement of the original load path sails introduced by UK Sailmakers more than 25 years ago: those sails were (and still are) known as Tape-Drive®. Titanium® sails are unique among the membrane genre for a number of reasons:

- The load bearing members in a Tape-Drive® sail are tapes made with bundles of high-strength yarns. In Titanium® sails, the yarns are unbundled and spread more evenly across the sail.
- Whereas membrane sails’ load bearing yarns are not continuous, only running the width of the individual panel, Titanium load bearing yarns run from head to clew, head to tack, tack to clew with no breaks or interruptions.
- Seams in the film shape the membrane, nothing more.
- Aerodynamic loads are passed from corner to corner by the continuous yarns.
- No seam distortion, wrinkles or seam failure.

UK Sailmakers MatriX

Titanium® for Cruisers

Optimum Performance For Non-Racers

UK Sailmakers recognizes that many cruising sailors are interested in high tech sails to enhance the performance of their boats. They also like the ease of handling that comes with these light, soft membranes. However, no one has yet to offer a membrane product with a life span acceptable to cruisers. Titanium® is changing all that! Taffeta covered films (traditional white and a light gray) are available to further enhance the abrasion and UV resistance of Titanium® sails adding years to their useful lives.

For a small premium, cruising sailors can now enjoy grand prix performance from their sails. 

UK Sailmakers MatriX