Sail Design

Not all boats are the same so not all sails should be shaped the same. Creating the actual sail shape for any new sail starts with UK Sailmakers’s proprietary CAD/CAM AccuCut and other leading sail design software, powerful programs that use bezier curves to accurately define a sail's shape on a three dimensional mould. This program allows UK Sailmakers's sail designers to study a design on the computer screen in 3-D perspective, to view the cross sections cut through the sail and to visually and interactively change the sail's shape.

The design is then made a reality by a precision computerized cutting machine. AccuCut plots the grid of tapes and the cutting machine draws the lines on the panels during the cutting process.

One of the advantages of working with UK Sailmakers to build your new sail is that every UK Sailmakers loft has access to the design thinking and successes from every sister loft. This brings to every new sail ordered UK Sailmakers’s worldwide knowledge on how to build the right sail for you.