Cruising Spinnaker

UK Sailmakers Cruising SpinnakerEvery sailmaker has their own name for a pole-less asymmetrical cruising spinnaker. At UK we call these sails “The Flasher” because they make downwind sailing much more lively and fun. Not needing a spinnaker pole, the Flasher is the perfect sail for shorthanded cruising. The Flasher combines the ease of handling of a genoa with the pulling power of a spinnaker. Its full radial construction is the most durable way to make a spinnaker as this technique aligns the strongest yarns of the nylon material with the loads between the corners of the sail. The many panels in a cruising spinnaker allows for a lot of creativity in designing the color scheme for your sail. Use our online painter tool to try out different designs and let your whole crew try out their creative talents.

Further simplifying the Flasher, is the dousing sock that encases that sail during sets and douses. The Stasher does the work of several long armed crewmembers. With the sock, the Flasher can be set, trimmed and lowered by two people or one person and an autopilot.