Multihull Sails

Multihull sails require unique and innovative thinking in sail design and construction. Catamarans and trimarans are harder on their sails than monohulls since they heel less and go faster. Wide beams support tall rigs and larger sails, creating higher sail area to displacement ratios. With performance multihulls capable of speeds as much as twice the true wind speed, the apparent wind that the sails see can be quite high. And since these boats aren't heeling as much as monohulls, the sails don't depower. Stable platforms mean the rigging and sails are under much higher loads as the wind builds.

Multihull sail design is a unique sailmaking discipline:
  • - Sail designs must optimize the high apparent winds
  • - Special attention must be paid to “twist” as winds differ from surface to masthead
  • - Special care is needed to optimize the profile and three-dimensional airfoil shape

The multihull designers at UK Sailmakers know the shapes that work well on different types of multihulls – from beach cats to offshore trimarans to the mega catamarans.Call your local UK Sailmaker who will work with you to build the right sail for your boat.