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The UK Sailmakers Rules Quiz program


UK Sailmakers Rules Quiz Program 

The UK Sailmakers Rules Quiz program is cloud based (not a physical CD), which allows UK Sailmakers to update the program often and allows users to receive the program without waiting for the mail to arrive. Updates will include new quizzes as they are developed, along with a library of exclusive material to help racing sailors called “The Lifted Tack,” which contains instructional and entertaining videos, commentary on the rules and tools to make you a better racer. After purchasing, instructions for accessing the program will be e-mailed within an hour, during weekday office hours in New York City. More...
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The Cruising Spinnaker


UK Sailmakers - The Cruising Spinaker  The cruising spinnaker is the one sail that greatly improves the performance of a cruising boat because it adds so much speed. On light air days it provides the horsepower to keep a boat moving without resorting to the loud, smelly engine. In stronger winds, a cruising spinnaker turbo charges any boat."The Cruising Spinnaker A-Z" The movie is a true "A-Z" treatment because it teaches more than just how to jibe and trim the cruising spinnaker. Viewers learn handy tips on how two people can hoist and douse the cruising spinnaker, what kind of sheets work best, what equipment is needed to use the sail, how to enlist the help of the wind in moving the sail across the boat during jibes, how to pack the sail into its bag so that it will launch easily, what to look for when adjusting the height of the tack, and much, much more. Some sailors are intimidated by spinnakers of any kind; however, the cruising spinnaker is designed specifically for short handed crews. For starters it doesn't fly from a spinnaker pole, which makes setting and jibing the sail simple. Secondly, the use of a dousing sock replaces the need for several long-armed crewmembers. (shipping within the U.S.A. included).

UK Sailmakers Duffel Bags

Starting at $50

UK Sailmakers Duffel Bags  Our distinctive Tape-Drive duffels come in three sizes. All three have an outside zipper pocket on one end, a grab handle on the other end, a small inside pocket and an adjustable shoulder strap. Carrying your gear aboard in the small sized bag will make you an instant hit with skippers who are concerned about keeping unnecessary weight off their boats. The small bag is 9x9x18 inch and is big enough for a jacket, gloves, sunscreen, keys and wallet. The medium-sized bag is perfect for foulies, boots and other gear or for taking clothes for a weekend. The size is 12x12x24 inches. The large bag is perfect for a long trip. This cavernous bag is 14x14x30 inches.
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UK Sailmakers Sailing Gloves


UK Sailmakers Sailing Gloves  These are perfect stocking stuffers for all the sailors in your family or on your crew. These three-quarter-fingered sailing gloves are made of synthetic suede with leather pads. Sizes range from XXS to XL.
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UK Sailmakers Fleece Pullover


UK Sailmakers Fleece Pullover  The original UK Sailmakers Fleece Pullover in Red and Blue
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UK Sailmakers Polo Shirts


UK Sailmakers Polo Shirts  UK-Halsey is proud to offer these quality polos made of100% double pique cotton, which is extremely soft. The shirts feature the UK-Halsey logo on the breast and in the middle of the shoulders on the back. The collar and cuffs are flat knitted; and have a smooth covered neck seam. These shirts good enough to earn the UK-Halsey label. Color choices are Navy Blue and White, Sizes are Medium, Large and Extra Large. 
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UK Sailmakers Belt


UK Sailmakers Belt  Our cotton webbing belts have a vivid and crisp blue and white embroidered ribbon. Belts come in sizes 27, 30, 36, 39 and 42 inches. Each belt is 6.5” longer than the stated waist so that the end can be folded back and run through the rings. They come rolled in a vinyl pouch that definitely fits in a stocking.
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UK Sailmakers Baseball Hats


UK Sailmakers Hat  These cotton hats are very comfortable and have a large pre-shaped brim that is stiff enough to hold its shape. The hat comes with a clip to keep it from blowing away if a gust of wind knocks it off your head. Available in Navy Blue and Light Gray. $6 shipping via Priority Mail with delivery confirmation for 1 or 2 hats, UPS rates for larger orders. 


UK Sailmakers Race Committee Flag Bag


UK Sailmakers Race Committee Flag Bag
These flags are large enough to be easily seen, light enough to fly in light air, and durable enough to stand up to Race Committee use. They are sewn flags not printed.

This special flag bag includes the following: Numeral pennants 0 thru 9 (18” x 48” ) Code Flags A, C, H, I, L, M, N, P, S, X, Y, Z (24” x36”) Flag AP and First Substitute Blue Flag and Black Flag 26 flags in all delivered in a tough, compact flag holder (with extra pouches for extra flags) for just $400.00. Extra flags or pennants are available at $21 each. To order an extra flag/s please send an email to and indicate which flag/s you require.
Please allow four weeks for delivery. 


UK Sailmakers Protest Flag


UK Sailmakers Protest Flag  Our protest flags attach to your backstay with Velcro. They make great stocking stuffers at only $5 each. It’s the color of the holiday and you can even throw it on Santa if he doesn’t bring that new sail you were hoping for. 


UK Sailmakers Nautical Cutting Boards

Starting at $40

UK Sailmakers Nautical Cutting Boards  We are happy to present a new line of nautical items from the Soundview Millworks. They make quality nautically-inspired cutting boards made with American hard maple and Santos mahogany. The boards are the perfect blend of functional durability with a classic appeal. We are offering the boards in four styles.:

Single Cleat, single stripe board, which measures 12”x16” is priced at $80.
Double Cleat, single stripe board, which measures 7.75”x20” is priced at $95.
Cheese Square, single stripe board, which measures 7.75”x 7.73” is priced at $40.
French Bread, single stripe board, which measures 5.5”x 20” is priced at $45.

Custom engraving of your boat’s name or burgee is available for $10 or $15 on the Cheese Square. Custom engraving will take approximately 10 days.

Contact Adam at UK Sailmakers to discuss engraving details. Email: or call 718-885-2028.

Crew members should note that getting one of these for your skipper is a good way to show your appreciation.
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Disclaimer: for large orders with multiple items, please contact us directly by email or
phone (+1 718-885-2028) so that we can get you the lowest shipping costs. 

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