UK Sailmakers has been making well-designed, fast, and durable sails in its New York loft located on City Island in the Bronx since Charles “Buster” Ulmer opened Ulmer Sails in 1946. From 1970 to 2013, Buster’s son Charles “Butch” Ulmer ran the loft and created a parent company, UK Sailmakers International, Inc. (UKI). UKI allowed UK Sailmakers grow worldwide group with 50-lofts. In 2013, Butch sold the New York loft to a new management team that recently withdrew from sailmaking. They have terminated their UK Sailmakers license, returning the rights for Long Island Sound and Annapolis, MD, to UKI, the parent company.

Sailors in the northeast have relied upon UK Sailmakers’ City Island loft for decades and they will not notice any change in the loft’s level of operations. Butch Ulmer and Adam Loory will continue provide the traditional levels of excellent customer service for which UK Sailmakers is known as well as winter service and storage from the same location at 175 City Island Ave.. In the meantime, efforts are underway to secure a new ownership team to take over the license for a UK Sailmakers loft in the New York area.