Radial Carbon Laminate - Racing Genoa

Carbon fiber is the highest performance yarn used in sailmaking. As seen below, carbon yarns are at the top of the chart in three out of four ways to measure the performance of sailmaking yarns.  Carbon fiber’s resistance to stretch is three times greater that S-Glass yarns, which are three times more stretch resistant than polyester yarns.

Sails constructed with a carbon fiber reinforced laminates hold their shape better than any other material used in radially paneled sails. Because carbon yarns are so strong, fewer yarns are used, which makes the finished sail much lighter than sails of similar strength made with other yarns.

Radial sails (with their many panels) allow sailmakers to use more than one style of laminate in a sail.  Stronger laminates can be used in high load areas like the leech and tack, while laminates with less strength can be used in the luff of the sail. Using these materials helps reduce the weight and price of the sail.