Cruising Genoa Sails - Uni-Titanium

For boats over 50 feet, Uni-Titanium cruising sails are a great option over heavy multi-ply Dacron or radially paneled sails. Uni-Titanium sails are made with continuous loadpath yarns combined with sheets of unidirectional carbon, both are fused in between two layers of Mylar film. To increase the sail’s longevity, a layer of Dacron taffeta (finely-woven light-weight polyester) is bonded to the exposed sides of the sail.

The load path yarns are spread evenly across the sail, and run from head to clew, head to tack, tack to clew, with no breaks or interruptions. This array of load-bearing, high-strength yarns is laid dry (without glue) by machine on a skin of aerodynamically shaped Mylar.

Roller-Furling Genoa made out of Uni-Titanium with Grey Taffeta. The ultimate performance cruising sail for big yachts.

Next, a layer of unidirectional carbon yarns, in sheets 60 inches wide, is laid the load path yarns. The sheets of uni-carbon lock in sail shape. The four layers (Mylar, loadpath yarns, uni-Titanium layer and second Mylar layer) are dropped into a custom-formed variable geometry thermo form in which the sail is UV-bonded under vacuum pressure to become a one-piece finished sail.

Yes, there are seams in the skin of a Titanium sail, but they are there simply to shape the membrane. Unlike most high tech sails in which structural yarns only run the width of an individual panel, a Titanium sail‘s continuous yarns eliminate seam loads, load-induced seam distortion, wrinkles, or worse yet, seam failure. Titanium sails are smooth and wrinkle free.

The Titanium construction process makes the ultimate performance cruising sail for big boats once taffeta layers are added. The sails are light and have the highest form stability and shape holding, which makes the sails easier to handle and they provide the speed to gobble up the miles and extend a boat's daily range.

Best shape holding

They are made in one piece without load-bearing seams and with yarns running throughout. The forces on the sails are optimally dispersed over the entire yarn structure.

Light and flexible

Because the lamination process uses no adhesives on the fibers, which allows Titanium sails to remain flexible and strong. This increases the stability of the shape while reducing weight.

Built to last

The adhesives used in manufacturing most laminate sails combined with exposure to the sun can make those sails brittle and delamination can occur. By not using glues, Titanium sails remain flexible and strong. By using only dry carbon yarns, UK Sailmakers builds sails with the lowest stretch possible.

Extra Durability With Taffeta

For performance cruising sails and offshore racing sails, we recommend Titanium sails with one or two added layers of light protective taffeta. Taffeta is made of a finely woven light weight polyester. Taffeta comes in white or gray. Taffeta does not add any strength to the sail, but it gives the sail abrasion resistance. It also makes the sail look like is made from a woven material instead of a laminate. Taffeta layers add a bit of weight; thus, the reason flat our racers do not choose this durability-adding option.


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