A screen capture of UK’s AccuMeasure program which is used to analyze a sail’s flying shape. Click here to download the program for free.

Download UK Sailmakers AccuMeasure(TM) Software here for free!

1. UK Sailmakers AccuMeasure™ Quick Start Manual High Res (5 MB)(pdf) 

2. UK Sailmakers AccuMeasure™ Quick Start Manual Low Res (377 KB Low Res)(pdf)

3. UK Sailmakers AccuMeasure™ Manual (15 KB)(pdf) 

4. UK Sailmakers AccuMeasure™ Software (3,47 MB)(exe) 

Send us your AccuMeasure picture for analysis. Please include the following in your email and don’t forget to attached your picture.
– Date of Picture
– Boat Type
– Sail Type 
– Apparent windspeed 
– Apparent wind angle 
– Halyard Tension 
– Backstay tension (if adjustable)    

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