EASY-FURL from UK Sailmakers is an asymmetrical spinnaker with an all-purpose shape for reaching and broad reaching. A straight luff to make it work well with simple bottom-up furlers. UK Sailmakers has succeeded in developing an asymmetrical spinnaker mold shape that performs well from 80-degrees apparent wind angle to nearly dead downwind. It will even fly well wing-on-wing with or without a whisker pole. Thus, it is truly an all-purpose sail for cruisers and daysailors. The EASY-FURL‘s straight luff allows the sail to be furled evenly and tightly. For smaller sails we install a double luff rope and for bigger sail we install an anti-torque rope. These all-purpose asymmetrical spinnakers can be made out of any nylon allowing customers to be creative with colors.

The EASY-FURL will work with any continuous-loop bottom-up furler or the new Electric FurlerLoop EF1500 from Kohlhoff. Push-button furling is the latest improvement to spinnaker handling. The Kohlhoff unit has an external 18-volt lithium battery, which means the furler does not have to be removed from the sprit for charging.

The Easy Furler provides a very clean look.