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About the Loft

UK Sailmakers West Michigan is a service loft owned and operated by Jerry Mayfield. Jerry is a regular around the Great Lakes racing scene. Jerry has been involved in competitive sailing for over thirty years. A passion which started on Lake Superior has blossomed into a career. Jerry is sought after to elevate the performance of boats wherever he goes. If you are looking for a new sail, need to repair an 'experienced' sail, want to purchase and install a ProFurl system, or have rigging questions, there is no better source than Jerry.

Enjoy the web site. It is a source of information and entertainment. Thank you for visiting, and say HI the next time you see Jerry.

UK Sailmakers West Michigan

430 W. 23rd Street
Holland, MI 49423
Tel: (616) 396-4935
Fax: (616) 977-0670
Email: Jerry Mayfield

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