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Europe Dinghy

For the last two years, we have spent a lot of time developing and optimizing our sails for the Europe Dinghy. We can now offer 4 different designs that all has shown amazing results on the racecourse! The sails are all made individually to fit the mast deflection – this ensures a perfect sail!



  • EVO-S, for sailors weighing less than 58 kg
  • EVO-M, for sailors weighing 59-70 kg
  • EVO-L, for sailors weighing 71-80 kg
  • EVO-XL, for sailors weighing more than 80 kg

This is only a guideline – contact us, and we will help you find the right design!

The sails are delivered with;  Battens, window, telltales, royalty, measurement certificate, long sail bag and sail numbers


European Championship – Gold and Bronze

Masters European Championship – Gold

World Championship – Bronze

Nations Cup – Silver (3 of 4 Danish Sailors with UK Sails)

Danish Youth Championship – Gold and Silver, boys. Gold, girls.

Danish Championship – Gold, Silver and Bronze, boys. Silver, girls.


European Championship – Silver girls, Silver boys

Masters European Championship – Bronze

World Championship – 6 and 8. Three UK sails competing…..

Danish Youth Championship – Gold and Silver, boys. Gold, girls

Danish Championship – Gold and Silver, boys. Silver, girls


Not much sailing this year due to Covid 19, but:

Danish Championship – Gold, Silver and Bronze, boys. Silver and Bronze, girls

For further information and pricing, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Phone: +45 45 86 68 20 

Mail:     info@sails.dk

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