Single-sided Taffeta - Cruising Mainsail

Most cruising sails are made with a laminate that has taffeta on one side and exposed Mylar on the other. Inside the laminate is a loosely woven scrim of polyester, Aramid or Spectra yarns. The tapes for Tape-Drive or X-Drive are bonded to the mylar side and the taffeta on the non-tape side adds abrasion resistance to the sail. The taffeta does not add any strength to the sail and it adds a bit of weight; thus, the reason flat our racers do not choose this durability adding option.

Titanium sails also are available with taffeta on one or both sides to give cruising sailors extra abrasion resistance.

Taffetas come in white and grey.

Single-sided gray Taffeta Tape-Drive Silver

Mainsail single sided taffeta

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