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A C&C 121 with Tape-Drive carbon polyester inventory.

Tape-Drive Carbon earns its name from the black, carbon fiber tapes used on the sails. The matrix of load-bearing carbon tapes can be applied to a range of skin materials.

Tape-Drive polyester laminates come with a grey taffeta that is easier on the trimmer’s eyes in bright sunshine.

Tape-Drive Carbon Polyester is made up of a grid of carbon fiber tapes bonded to a sail made with polyester laminates. This material combination is an option for boats under 45-feet as a more economical choice than sails made with aramid laminates. Shown below are three common polyester laminate options: Dimenison Polyant’s PM05T (the T stands for single sided taffeta), PM10T (for bigger boats because it has a denser weave of polyester yarns) and the last image shows PM10 that does not have taffeta, but it shows the yarn structure more clearly. While the polyester yarns have more stretch than aramid yarns, smaller boats don’t generate the high loads that bigger boats do. Also sailors have to balance the performance vs. the price for themselves.

Tape-Drive Carbon Polyester sails are not all black, which makes them look more traditional.

An L30 with Tape-Drive Carbon on a laminate with grey taffeta.

Three different styles of polyester laminates made by Dimension Polyant for Tape-Drive sails. 

A single carbon tape on PM05T, the most commonly used polyester laminate for Tape-Drive sails.

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