Tape-Drive Silver - Racing Genoa

Tape-Drive Silver genoa.

Tape-Drive Silver is made up of a grid of S-Glass fiber tapes bonded to a sail made with polyester laminates. For boats under 40-feet, UK Sailmakers has the option of using less expensive laminates made with polyester. The cross cut polyester laminates are reinforced with S-Glass fiber tapes. When S-Glass tapes are used on polyester laminates, the sail has an all-white look. (See photo to the right). These sails offer vastly better shape holding than a similar Dacron sail and the price increase is surprisingly small.

A 31-foot cruiser-racer with a set of Tape-Drive silver sails. Click to enlarge.

A Tape-Drive Silver genoa for a Sigma 33. Click to enlarge.

A few of UK Sailmakers Tape-Drive Silver base laminates.

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