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UK Sailmakers Fremantle is Western Australia's only truly international sail loft. All our sails and products are designed, cut and manufactured in house and sent all over the world. Regions outside Australia that we supply sails to are Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

We Specialise In:

Racing and cruising Sails for both mono and multihulls, Dinghy Sails, Sail Repairs and Recuts, Furling Systems, Sail Hardware and Accessories, Dodgers, Biminis, Shade and Canvas product.

Loft Manager and owner Geoff Bishop has been sailmaking for 33 years. For 26 of those years he has owned his own sail loft and seen it steadily grow each year.  

Geoff is a respected sailor and sailmaker. Over the years he has represented his state and country.  He has sailed all local West Australia Offshore races and one design events.  Competed in 3 Southern Cross Cup’s, 9 Sydney to Hobart’s (finishing 3rd overall in 1989 and 1st in division 1999), represented Australia at the Admirals Cup in England, sailed throughout Europe and Asia in Offshore events and on the international match racing tour. He has been and still plans to be a regular competitor in the Asian helping clients to win regatta’s such as the Raja Muda regatta in Malaysia and the King’s Cup in Thailand. Over the last few years along with his Sydney to Hobart races he has also competed in the United States, sailing in the Transpac, Key West and Block Island race weeks.

The Farr 395 GIDDY UP was the 2015 West Australian DIV. II IRC State Champion.

When not racing or helping clients with their new sails, Geoff loves getting out on the water with his family and friends, cruising to the Island’s off Perth, or spending time with his Parents onboard their Cruising yacht. When not on the water it’s family, Aussie rules football, barbeques and just having a good time.

“ I really enjoy seeing my clients using their new sails and sailing well, there is nothing better than meeting a clientwho is so excited about the improvement in their boat performance .” 

“I enjoy my sailing and I want my clients to as well.” 

Loft History

Service. Service. Service.

Through our research, our customer's told us how important service is to you. At UK Sailmakers both pre-sale and after sale service are as important to us as our product, we will help you to the best of our ability.

For our local customers we have a drop point for sail repairs at South of Perth Yacht Clubs. Contact us for more information. If available we will pick up sails from Perth Metropolitan yacht clubs

The Figaro II FIFTY FOUR sailing with her X-Drive carbon main.

Designs and classes using our sails

Adams, Bakewell-White, Bavaria, Beneteau First and Oceanis, C&C 115, 110, Catalina, Court 650, Court 750, Crowther, Curren, Custom 30, Davidson, Dehlar, Duncanson, Elan, Elliott, Endeavour 24, Etchell 22, Farr, Farr 9.2, Farr 1104, Farrier, Foundation 36, Frers, Gib Sea, H28, Halbert Rassey, Hanse, Hartley 16, Humphries, J24, J 35, J 70, J80, J92, Jeaneau,Jutson, Landyachts, Lidgard, MB 24, M27, Marten 49's, Mummery, Multihull's, Northshore, ORMA 60', Peterson 30, R8, Radford, Redwitch, Runnalls, Roberts, S80, S97, S125, SS22, SS24, SS27, Seawind cats, Schionning multi's, Soling, Spirit 28, Sport boats, Swarbrick, Sydney yachts, Titan 36, Tri's,  X yachts, Young 88's, Yvonne, Viking 30, Viper,

Dinghy classes using our sails

125, 420, 505, Cherub, Corsair, Flying 11, Flying Ants, Flying Fifteen, JDs, Mirror, Manly, Mudlark, Optimist, Pelican, Puffin Pacers, Heron

Why use UK Sailmakers Fremantle?

We listen to your needs, our sail designers and Sailmakers are qualified and experienced sailors. We offer free no obligation quotes, Sails are guaranteed to fit first time and also come with a 12-month guarantee on cloth and hardware. We stock the world's finestsailcloths and sails are built to suit your sailing type and conditions. We will sail with you, showing you and your crew the correct set up for your new sail. Worldwide support from all UK Sailmakers sail lofts. Our friendly and conscientious staff offers an after sales service that will not be beaten, we have a quick and efficient repair service.

We are Better Value for money.

Also Manufacturers of

Yacht Dodgers, Biminis, Protective Covers, Boom Tents, Shade Covers, Boom Covers, Boat Covers, Rope Bags, Spray Sheets, Furling Stock

Lawson Shaw Joins UK Sailmakers Team

Today it’s hard to find staff with the same passion as ourselves, so it’s with great pleasure I introduce a young man with a passion for sailing, Lawson Shaw.

Lawson has been sailing since he can remember. There are photos of him at about age four on John Bailey’s S80. He jumped into his first Optimist at age seven. During his time sailing the Optimist, Lawson also jumped onto John’s new S97 Hijera whenever he could.  Lawson knew dinghies where fun and a good learning experience but it was clear from an early age he much preferred the bow of a keel boat. By about age 14 he was the primary bowman on the S97.

Four seasons ago Lawson made the step into offshore racing. It started with a few day races through Cockburn Sound and out to Rottnest and then a few months later, he sailed his first Geraldton Race. Lawson said, “It was a big learning curve, but since then it’s been up and up sailing on many different boats in all the major races on this coast as well as an east coast event. Offshore Sailing taught me to be able to fit into a crew in more roles than just as the bowman, which has been an awesome experience allowing me to share what I’ve learnt with the people I sail with and now hopefully UK Sailmakers clients.”

Lawson explained why he recently made the move into sailmaking, “I was looking for something that I would enjoy doing every day and for me being able to help clients get the most out of their boats, both by providing them with quality products and service, as well as getting out on the water is the best job I can think of.”

“When I’m not sailing or in the sail loft (not that there’s much time outside of both these loves) I’ll usually be found hanging out with my mates or relaxing with family, usually it’ll have something to do with the water too.”

“I have enjoyed my short time so far at UK Sailmakers, I look forward to learning more and being able to help to the best of my ability each and every one of our clients both present and new.

Geoff Bishop the owner of UK Sailmakers Fremantle loves Lawson's attitude and passion for sailing. "I can really see his desire to learn and get better everyday, which will help build a great career."

Business Hours

Weekdays 8.30am - 5.00pm


Geoff Bishop and Lawson Shaw 

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