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The Ewincher 2, the electric winch handle

Make sailing easier with an electric winch handle to raise and trim your sails. The Ewincher 2 will even pull you up the mast (several times on a single battery charge). Unlike electric drills, this tool locks in the top of your winch, and you hold it like a normal winch handle, which makes the Ewincher 2 much more ergonomic and comfortable to use. Weighing only 2 kilos, it is very easy to use and move around the boat.

The Ewincher2 comes with a lithium-ion battery, a 12-volt charger, a 110-volt charger, a 220-volt charger, a winch handle pouch, and a carrying case. For heavy users, a second battery is an optional purchase. The Ewincher is perfect for shorthanded sailing and cruising couples.

The Ewincher 2, the electric winch handle

What is the Difference between the Ewincher and Ewincher 2?

While the first generation of the Ewincher was groundbreaking, the Ewincher2 is 20% more powerful and its battery lasts 20% longer. A great product became that much better.

Where Can I Buy the Ewincher 2?

The best way to buy the Ewincher 2 is from UK Sailmakers’ secure online store.

The Ewincher 2, the electric winch handle

How Much Does the Ewincher 2 Cost?

The price is $1,999 plus $25 for shipping to anywhere in the United States, and $50 to Canada.

The Best Way to Power Your Winches

Ewincher2 power all your winches with a single handle. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to replace your winches. Powered winches take up more space below deck and they need heavy wires and robust batteries because they draw so much power.

Works on Most Boats

Designed for all boats from 30 to 60 feet. One Ewincher customer, who owns a 55-footer with a coffee grinder pedestal to turn his winches, bought an Ewincher2 to grind in his cruising code zero on a top-down furler. Rolling in the sail took a lot of turns of the winch. Even with a grinding pedestal, this was a tiring task. Now that he has an Ewincher 2 rolling up, the cruising code zero is push-button simple.

The Ewincher 2, the electric winch handle

Extremely Powerful

More powerful, faster, and enduring than the best crew member, Ewincher 2 is an indispensable tool for a sailor who wants to be assisted by the best crew.


  • Ewincher 2 can easily hoist a 110 kg crew member up the mast on a 55-footer.
  • Ewincher 2 can easily trim a 160m² spinnaker in 15 knots of wind.


  • Ewincher 2 hoists the mainsail in 65 seconds on a 45-footer (Oceanis 45).

The Ewincher 2, the electric winch handle

Extremely Versatile Ewincher 2, Works in Three Modes

Extremely versatile thanks to its numerous functionalities, it can be used in all situations and for all maneuvers. The Ewincher 2 works in three different modes: Electric, manual, and combined mode.

How To Use Ewincher 2 In Electric Mode?

Press the trigger on the handle, hold the handle still and winch effortlessly! Two non-exclusive and cumulative features allow you to fine-tune the speed control in the selected mode.

Variable trimming speed. With the simple touch of a fingertip, you can control the speed of the Ewincher 2, which can be as high as 100 rotations per minute! The more you press, the faster you winch!

Remember, most winches have two speeds: a low one when you winch one way and a high one when you winch the other way. Ewincher 2 is perfectly adapted to this particularity of winches. It allows you to choose between two speeds, low and high, independently of the trimming speed which you can always control. With Ewincher 2 you can always control the speed and choose to use the high or low speed of the winch at any time.

How To Use Ewincher 2 In Manual Mode?

The shape and size of the Ewincher 2 could be mistaken for a standard handle, but that’s precisely because it can be used as such. Don’t lose the pleasure of trimming and the joys of sailing: to use Ewincher 2 in manual mode, hold down the second button, located under the knob of the grip, and winch as usual. This feature is particularly useful when you want to fine-tune a setting by hand, or simply feel and control the tension in the ropes: No need to change the handle, you already have a standard handle in your hands!

How To Use Ewincher 2 In Combined Mode?

The combined mode consists in using the electric mode, so instead of maintaining the handle still, you winch at the same time: You then add the two rotation speeds to reach unparalleled trimming speed. This mode is most useful at the start of a maneuver when there is little tension in your ropes, and you need to trim in very quickly.

The Ewincher 2, the electric winch handle

Ewincher 2 Specifications: Similar to Manual Handles


EWINCHER 2 weighs only 2.2 kg. Resulting of extensive research on ergonomics, the EWINCHER 2 shape is similar to that of a standard handle. Everything has been designed to make it easy to hold and use on board, including its Palm grip.

EWINCHER 2 is 10 inches long (250 mm), the same length as a conventional handle. Thus, EWINCHER 2 adapts perfectly to your deck layout.

As for storage, EWINCHER 2 comes with its own ergonomic holder at hand in the cockpit.

The Ewincher 2, the electric winch handle

Ewincher 2 in the Marine Environment


The cordless electric winch handle, EWINCHER 2, does not float, but it is perfectly secured on board, thanks to:

  • Its winch locking system. As soon as you set the Ewincher 2 on a winch, it locks in place, so you can sail with peace of mind.
  • Dedicated winch handle pocket. This accessory, supplied with Ewincher 2, allows you to safely store your handle on the deck.
  • A security leash. For the most delicate maneuvers, such as a winch maneuver at the foot of the mast, a safety strap is also supplied with your future wireless electric winch handle. Attached directly to the handle grip, it allows you to secure the handle and think only about the essentials: your navigation.
The Ewincher 2, the electric winch handle

Ewincher 2 App

This utility allows you to connect to your Ewincher 2 wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet and get statistics about the handle’s usage, the battery charge level, and diagnostics. The app also lets you set the torque limit; this feature limit how much force it will take to control the handle. You can set the torque anywhere between 15 kgs and 36 kgs.

Ewincher 2 Warranty

The Ewincher 2 comes with a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Ewincher 2 is intended exclusively for use on a sailboat winch for maneuvers involving sails, windlasses, keels, and drifts. The Product must only be used by a single person by hand. Any other use voids the warranty.

Ewincher 2 Vs. an Electric Drill

Seeing the price of the Ewincher, some sailors opt to use an electric drill to turn a winch bit. One of the right-angle electric drills that is touted with being powerful enough to raise and trim sails and get a crewmember up the mast is the Milwaukee Super Hawg. With an XC6.0Ah battery, the Super Hawg/battery combo weighs 17 pounds and is nearly 28 inches long (compared to the Ewincher, which is 4.8 pounds and 10 inches long). While this rig is less expensive, given this alternative’s size and weight, which system would you rather use? Also, with the Milwaukee system, the way its handle is positioned, using it to turn a loaded winch could lead to a wrist injury. On top of its size, weight, and poor ergonomics, electric drills are not waterproof.

The Ewincher 2, the electric winch handle

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