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Established in 1910, Erling Hovdan Sailmakersexpanded to include a rigging shop and chandlery, both wholesale and retail. As Norway´s largest specialist in boat equipment, Hovdan is the most complete marine center in Norway. They can do what ever it takes to put a sailboat in good navigable shape.      

Hovdan Seil produces sails for cruising and racing boats, in addition to traditional sails. Their largest market is the cruising sails where they are among the four largest lofts in Norway. They have a great deal of experience with traditional sails for tall ships such as CHRISTIAN RADICH and SØRLANDET. The loft has also been noticed on the regatta circut.     

Loft owner Mehmet Taylan (pictured) said, "We realize that we need some support when it comes to modern load path technology such as UK-Ultra and Tape-Drive sails. This will result in better products for our customers. We look forward to being a part of the UK-Halsey group."


Mehmet Taylan

Contact Information:

Tvetenveien 164
0671 Oslo
Phone: +47 22 26 56 00

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