Roller Furling Mainsails

Sail handling is made easier when the mainsail can be rolled up at the end of the day. There are three methods for making roller furling mainsail and UK Sailmakers offers them all.


The most common furling main is the in-mast main with no battens.  Without battens the sail has a concave leech, which makes the sail smaller, less powerful and less efficient. Many production cruising boats come standard this way.

Vertical Batten

An upgrade to batten-less in-mast furlers comes with the addition of vertical battens that support some roach. Since the battens are parallel to the mast, they can be rolled into the mast during the furling process.


Boats that have standard masts, not set up for in-mast furling, can still benefit from the ease of a roller furling by way of upgrading to a furling boom. This is an expensive upgrade, but much less expensive than changing masts.

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