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PDF Library

We have many documents available in Adobe Acrobat format. They include:

1.  Uni-Titanium Brochure (pdf)

2.  Titanium Brochure (pdf)

3.  X-Drive Brochure (pdf)

4.  Symmetrical Spinnakers Brochure (pdf)

5.  Tape-Drive® Brochure (pdf)

6.  How to apply spreader patches Brochure (pdf)

7.  Asymmetrical Spinnakers Brochure (pdf)

8.  Racing Mainsails (pdf)

9.  Cruising Mainsails (pdf)

10. Passagemakers Brochure (pdf) 

11. UK Sailmakers Cruising Spinnaker (pdf) 

12. UK Sailmakers Cruising Spinnaker Tips (pdf) 

13. Measurement Form (pdf)

14. Know When It Is Time for New Sails with AccuMeasure (pdf)

15. Code Zero Brochure (pdf)

16. Dimension Polyant’s SXI laminate spec sheet

17. Measurement for Sailcom (pdf)

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