Cruising sails - Most sailors tend to both cruise and race. Therefore, we primarily offer “performance" cruising sails. Even those who never race want their boat to sail well and reliably. Our performance c

Cruising Sails

Most sailors tend to both cruise and race. Therefore, we primarily offer “performance” cruising sails. Even those who never race want their boat to sail well and reliably. Our performance cruising sails are made with UK Sailmakers’ Titanium membranes, X-Drive® load-path reinforced laminates, and premium dacron styles.

Cruising Mainsails

UK Sailmakers - Cruising Mainsails

Your cruising mainsail is the most tireless worker on your boat. Every day you leave the harbor, it’s flying. Whether motoring through a glass calm or reefed down in 30 knots, the same mainsail gets the call to action. To meet these demands, UK Sailmakers has developed many different mainsail options for cruising sailors. We offer materials from woven Dacron® to affordable performance cruising X-Drive® sails to the most advanced light-weight performance Titanium sails, as well as a wide choice of batten configurations.

Cruising Genoas

UK Sailmakers - Cruising Sails - Cruising genoas

On more modern designs, cruising headsails are non-overlapping jibs, while on older boats, headsails are overlapping genoas. Both come with roller reefing and roller furling features such as UV covers, foam luffs, and reefing reinforcements. Both are made from a range of materials and construction methods. Talk to your local UK Sailmakers representative so that they can customize the right headsail for your boat, sailing area, and predominant cruising grounds.

Cruising Spinnakers

UK Sailmakers Cruising Sails Cruising Spinnakers

Cruising sailors have two choices for downwind cruising sails. Cruising spinnakers and cruising code zeros. Code zeros are flatter reaching sails that roller furl well, and cruising spinnakers are running sails that can be controlled with a dousing sock. The Oxley Self Stabilizing spinnaker is a symmetrical cruising spinnaker with a unique slot and lift-generating wing that offshore cruising multihull sailors prefer.

Storm Sails


There are three sails classified as storm sails: a heavy weather jib, a storm jib, and a storm trysail. All three are a must for boats heading offshore.

Cruising Sails Accessories


While all these accessories and options, can be found on the sail detail pages, this page lists some of the most requested accessories/options cruising sailors request.

Cruising Sail Production Methods


Both our Titanium and X-Drive construction methods utilize continuous load path fibers between the three corners of the sail to best control seam creep and distortion. All our production methods provide the highest quality of sailmaking with attention to detail.

Why buy from UK Sailmakers?

With more than 75 years of sailmaking experience, we offer sailing and design knowledge of our worldwide group from local experts who ensure top service after the sale. We provide genuine craftsmanship, and backed up by our lofts.

Where to buy your Cruising Sails

You can reach out to your local UK Sailmakers Loft here or simply submit the Get a Quote form to get the process started. Someone from your nearest UK Sailmakers loft will be back to you shortly to discuss what sail works best for your boat, your sailing conditions, and your budget.

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