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Genoa Accessories and Options

Most sailors tend to both cruise and race. Therefore, we primarily offer “performance cruising” sails. Even those who never race want their boat to sail well and reliably. Our performance cruising sails are made with UK Sailmakers’ Titanium membranes, X-Drive® load-path reinforced laminates, and premium dacrons.

Performance cruising sails hold their shape well, which makes them good for club racing and comfortable fast cruising. A sail that loses its aerodynamic shape makes sailing less comfortable and stretched-out roller furling mains tend to jam when rolling in and out of the mast. For budget-constrained sailors, UK Sailmakers does make sails with basic cruising dacron, but even these are built to a higher standard than off-brand sails. UK Sailmakers uses proper-sized corner and reef patches, premium hardware, and UV covers that go on last covering the corner webbings and stitching.

UK Sailmakers Ireland Cruising

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