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How to do the Stretch-and-Blow Spinnaker Douse

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The Stretch-and-Blow Spinnaker Douse allows you to sail practically right up to the leeward the mark with the sail drawing fully. When it is time to drop the spinnaker, the pole is eased to the forestay, the sheet is over-trimmed to stretch the foot tight and then the spinnaker halyard is let run. Over trimming the spinnaker sheet brings the foot within reach of the foredeck crew. With the foot in the hands of the crew, the halyard is completely released. The top of the sail floats downward and to leeward of the jib. The air flowing beneath the jib keeps the spinnaker out of the water. The foredeck team then quickly pulls the sail under the jib and onto the deck. The Stretch-and-Blow takedown is uncomplicated, allows you to sail longer with the spinnaker drawing, and it’s great to watch from other boats.

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