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UK Sailmakers Sri Lanka is an integral part of the Building a Future (BAF) foundation’s business plan whose goal is to introduce and stimulate sustainable marine industries, jobs and training in Sri Lanka. BAF’s main objective is to reintroduce sail power to the south Asian culture – for fishing, tourism and for recreation.

Along with sailmaking, BAF is creating companies for boat building, mast making, rope making and other marine-related equipment. A sailing school, charter company and racing association have already been created. BAF started a sail loft in 2008, which moved into a new 9000 sq. ft. loft in 2014 after joining the UK Sailmakers world-wide group. “Joining the UK Sailmakers network will tremendously help our new sailmaking loft to produce high quality sails with high quality designs and fabrics, said Sam Silva, Manager of Operations.

“The sail loft will also advertise with the support of the UK Sailmakers to become a hub for the production and repairs of sails for customers in the region at large (Maldives, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and possibly other places in the Indian Ocean, such as; The Seychelles, and Mauritius).” Lennart “Dallas” Dahlström, President of UK Sailmakers International, said, “Sri Lanka, India and the other island nations of the Indian Ocean have beautiful waters for sailing and cruising.

UK Sailmakers looks forward to being a part of growing the sport and the marine industry in the area. BAF’s idea of developing a sustainable maritime industry on the island nation of Sri Lanka is a forward thinking idea for producing good jobs for the people of Sri Lanka and UK Sailmakers excited about helping their efforts as well as growing the UK Sailmakers brand.”

Loft Hours:

Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm


UK Sailmakers Sri Lanka
Solar Impulse (Pvt) Ltd
Kabalana, Kathaluwa
Ahangama 80650, Sri Lanka


Sameera Nanayakkara, Manager:
M: +94 77 225 8908
M: +94 71 758 1741

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