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UK Sailmakers Brisbane

Established in 1946 as Ulmer Sails, UK Sailmakers is one of the oldest groups of sail lofts in North America. The UK Sailmakers group has grown to nearly 50 lofts and service centers around the world whose goal is to deliver sails using the most advanced design technologies and materials. Even though the group has grown, the lofts retain the personal touch that sailors expect since all UK lofts owned by local sailors who know the needs of their sailing communities. That’s why each loft prides itself in providing quick, high-quality service along with well-designed, long-lasting new sails.


Gary and Jamie Saxby

Contact Information:

UK Sailmakers Brisbane
28 Lawson Road
Draper, QLD 4520

Tel: +61 7 3298 5586
Email: brisbane@uksailmakers.com


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