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UK Sailmakers Sweden – Stockholm


Mikael Olesen
Email: mikael.olesen@uksyversen.com
Mobile: +46706220204

Oskar Skoting
Email: oskar.skoting@uksyversen.com
Mobile: +46720643468

Contact Information:

Frasarvagen 7B
142 50 SKOGAS
Phone: +46 8-641-0075
Email: stockholm@uksailmakers.com

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Linjett 39 e1667249368942

A Linjett 39 with X-Drive carbon performance cruising sails. The leech of the main has a partial taffeta strip on the leech and on the leech and foot of the roller furling jib.

Arcona UK Logo Spinnakers
J111 CAG Gutland Runt 2022 pink chute web
The J/111 CAG in the 2022 AF Offshore Race flying her A5 and Titanium main.
Arcona 465 Carbon X Drive jib partial taf Jib web
Shape shot of an X-Drive carbon jib with partial taffeta up the leech on an Arcona 465.

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