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UK Sailmakers Ukraine

UK Sailmakers Ukraine started out in 1995 as an independent sailmaker. Over the years the loft has been constantly adopting new methods of design and sailmaking to keep improving the sails it offers. They make sails for yachts from eight-footers to 100-footers. 

“By joining UK Sailmakers in 2014, our loft entered a new level of sailmaking for Ukrainian sailors. UK Sailmakers is recognized around the world as a leader in the industry and we are pleased to have access the group’s experience and sail making technologies. Thanks to the newest technologies, high standards, vast experience of the UK group, our clients will be able to get the sails of the highest quality that will help them to achieve their goals.”

Loft Hours:

Monday to Friday from 0900-1800


UK Sailmakers Ukraine
Pokrusheva 14 ap 20
Kherson, Khersons’ka oblast
Tel +380675513027
Email: ukraine@uksailmakers.com

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