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The Cherub is a high-performance, two-person dinghy first designed in 1951 in New Zealand. It is a development class, allowing for significant design variation within the class rules. The Cherub has undergone various design changes over the years, including shifts in hull shape and sail configuration, adapting to new materials and technologies. This evolution has kept the class dynamic and competitive. For a detailed history and specifications of the Cherub dinghy, you can visit the Wikipedia page.

UK Sailmakers offers tailored sail solutions for Cherub dinghy sailors, enhancing their competitive edge. The Cherub, with its high power-to-weight ratio and design that allows for considerable variation, benefits greatly from sails that are specifically designed for its unique characteristics. UK Sailmakers’ expertise in creating high-performance sails that are both durable and easy to handle makes them a top choice for Cherub sailors. The company’s commitment to innovation and understanding of the dynamic nature of dinghy racing ensures that sailors get sails that are not only fast and reliable but also conform to the evolving standards of the Cherub class.

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