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Club 470

As UK Sailmakers, we are proud to offer our Club 470 One Design Sails, tailored for sailors who demand performance, quality, and durability.

Our sails are the product of extensive research and development, crafted with precision to ensure they meet the specific needs of Club 470 sailors. We understand that in one-design racing, every detail counts, and our sails are designed to give you that competitive edge.

Our sails are constructed using the highest quality materials, ensuring they withstand the rigors of competitive sailing while maintaining optimal shape and performance. The attention to detail in our sail construction translates into sails that are not only fast but also durable, giving you value for your investment over many seasons of intense racing.

Choosing UK Sailmakers for your Club 470 sails means you’re not just purchasing sails; you’re investing in a performance advantage.

Our team of experienced sail designers works closely with Club 470 sailors to continuously refine and improve our designs, ensuring they are at the forefront of technological advancements and competitive trends.

We offer personalized service, ensuring that each sail we deliver is suited to your specific sailing style and conditions.

Our global network of lofts means you have access to expert advice and support wherever you sail. With UK Sailmakers, you’re not just buying sails; you’re joining a community of sailors who share a passion for excellence and a commitment to sailing at its best.

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