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At UK Sailmakers Texas we’ve had an incredible amount of development in our partnership with UK Germany and Claus Lehmann, owner of J/70 #717. We’ve developed a new mainsail based on the differences between the US based Southern Spars masts and the European Selden masts. Our European design has more luff curve allowing us to utilize the same tuning guide and jib for both setups. We’ve also begun utilizing Dimension Polyant’s new Pro Radial material which is specially designed to meet the high demands of high performance radial sails like the J/70 jib. Just below is a shape shot of our fourth generation J/70 jib design.

UKSailmakersJ70 One Design Sails UK Sailmakers

Sail Design

The UK Texas J/70 sails were developed by combining the available information on this new class, alongside of our experience with light displacement sailboats and other J/classes, using all UK Technology sail design programs (One of the most advanced sail design programs), allowing us a complete 3D view and multiple panel configuration.

UK Texas designed an all-purpose mainsail utilizing cross-cut Dacron with radial corners and a radial Jib made of square Dacron, which was made for all conditions. We have also designed a heavy air radial Mainsail. The kite was designed by UK Chicago, and is constructed with AIRX Nylon. It was designed to sail deep while keeping on plane yet does not lose performance in light breeze. Since the J/70 has a stiff Carbon fiber mast, we chose a cross-cut panel configuration with radial corners for the AP Mainsail in order to have enough variation of shape for different wind conditions and a Tri-radial Jib with 245SQ Dacron in order to hold the shape for all conditions. Sails are made in USA at our loft in Houston TX.

UKSailmakersJ70 AP Jib Radial Photo

AP Mainsail Cross-cut

Material: Dimension Polyant 240HTP Dacron with square 245HTP radial head and clew. RBS tapered battens with tensioners, two windows, spectra leech line, Spectra Clew and Spectra Tack straps. Designed by: Pedro Gianotti of UK Texas. Click for Tuning Guide

UKSailmakersJ70 AP Mainsail Cross cut photo2
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UKSailmakersJ70 AP Mainsail Cross cut

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AP Jib Radial

Material: Dimension Polyant Pro Radial 284 Dacron, which is a wrap-oriented 6.5 oz woven polyester. This was material proved the most durable of the four designs we have made over the years.

Luff with zipper (webbing strap + clip version available), RBS Battens, two windows, spectra leech line. 

Designed by: Pedro Gianotti of UK Texas.

UKSailmakersJ70 AP Jib Radial Photo
UKSailmakersJ70 AP Jib Radial

AP Asymmetrical

Material: Nylon Bainbridge AIRX650. Two panels layouts available, Designed by: Pat Considine UK Chicago.

UKSailmakersJ70 AP Asymmetrical
AP Asym with one cross-section
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PHRF Code 0

UKSailmakersJ70 PHRF Code0

For PHRF racing on close reaches, we developed a Code 0 that goes on 2′ sprit. Material: CZ05 Laminate. Designed by: Pedro Gianotti of UK Texas. 

UK Sailmakers offers you:

  • Accurate design 
  • Easy trimming 
  • First-quality cloth and hardware 

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J/70 Quick Tuning Guide

Headstay Lenght: 27′ 8 1/4″
Prebend: about 2″
Inhaul: 1″ to 1 1/5″ at base

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