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The Lightning is a popular American sailing dinghy, designed by Olin Stephens in 1938 as a one-design racer. It’s a recreational boat, initially built with wooden plank construction, and later of fiberglass with wood trim. The Lightning has a fractional sloop rig with wooden or aluminum spars, a retractable centerboard, and a transom-hung rudder. It’s known for its stable design and is suitable for a crew of three, although it can accommodate six adults. It’s actively raced in many countries and has an active class club. For more details, you can visit the Wikipedia page on the Lightning dinghy.

For sailors of the Lightning class, UK Sailmakers offers sails that are specifically tailored to maximize the boat’s performance and handling. Their sails are designed with advanced materials and technology to ensure durability and optimal shape retention, crucial for consistent performance in competitive racing. UK Sailmakers’ commitment to quality and customer service makes them a preferred choice for Lightning sailors seeking to enhance their racing capabilities.

UK Sailmakers Texas is developing fast Lightning sails. Shown above is Chris Shipman and Stefan Boettcher putting our sails to the test! Stay tuned for pricing and a tuning guide.


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