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Moore 24

The Moore 24 is a well-regarded American sailboat, designed by George Olson and Ron Moore as a racer in 1972. It’s built predominantly of fiberglass, featuring a fractional sloop rig and a fixed fin keel, with a draft of 4.08 feet. The Moore 24 is celebrated for its racing performance and has a notable history in competitive sailing. It’s supported by an active class club, the Moore 24 National Association, which organizes racing events. This boat has proven itself in various competitions, including the Pacific Cup. For more information, you can visit its Wikipedia page.

UK Sailmakers provides high-quality sails tailored for the Moore 24, focusing on enhancing its racing performance. Their sails are designed using advanced materials and technology, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and ease of handling, crucial for competitive racing. UK Sailmakers’ commitment to quality makes them an excellent choice for Moore 24 sailors seeking to excel in their racing endeavors.

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