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The Pelican dinghy is a unique sailboat, originating in Perth, Western Australia. It’s a small, gunter-rigged pram designed for a two-person crew. Initially constructed in timber, many Pelicans are now made of fiberglass. The class rules for the Pelican were updated in 2014 to allow for Polyester Laminate sails (Mylar), alongside Dacron. This versatile boat evolved in the 1950s and has been a popular choice for beginner sailors in Perth. For more detailed information, please visit the Wikipedia page on the Pelican dinghy.

UK Sailmakers offers sails for the Pelican dinghy that are specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of this class. Their sails are designed using advanced materials and technology, focusing on performance, durability, and ease of handling, which are essential for the Pelican’s sailing characteristics. This makes UK Sailmakers a top choice for Pelican sailors seeking competitive and reliable sailing experiences.

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