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Platu 25

The Platu 25, a sailing boat designed by Farr Yacht Design and built by McDell Marine in New Zealand in the early 1990s, is recognized by the International Sailing Federation. It’s a dynamic class, suitable for competitive racing. The boat has a crew of four with a maximum weight of 400kg, a displacement of 1,240 kg, and features a keelboat hull with dimensions of 7.51m in length and 2.56m in beam. The mainsail area is 21.2 m², and the spinnaker area is 44.5 m².

UK Sailmakers offers sails for the Platu 25 that cater to its racing capabilities and specifications. The sails are designed using advanced materials and technology, ensuring performance, durability, and ease of handling – crucial for competitive racing. UK Sailmakers’ commitment to quality makes them a top choice for Platu 25 sailors seeking to enhance their racing performance. For more detailed information about the Platu 25, visit its Wikipedia page.

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