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Zoom 8

The Zoom 8 is a youth racing dinghy designed by Henrik Segercrantz, popular in Northern Europe. It’s an ideal transition boat from the Optimist to more physically demanding dinghies like the Laser or 29er. The Zoom 8 is known for being a safe and beginner-friendly boat, yet it offers a platform for developing advanced sailing skills. It has been widely recognized in international competitions since its introduction in Sweden in 1995.

For Zoom 8 sailors, UK Sailmakers provides custom sails that are specifically designed to match the unique characteristics of the Zoom 8. These sails are created using advanced materials and technology to ensure optimal performance, durability, and ease of handling, which are crucial for young sailors developing their skills. UK Sailmakers’ commitment to quality and customer service makes them an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their Zoom 8 sailing experience. For more information about the Zoom 8, please visit its Wikipedia page.

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