Single-sided Taffeta

Distance racers need sails that can handle more wind and weather than day racers; therefore, UK Sailmakers offers the option having a finely woven polyester taffeta on one of the sail to reduce opportunities for chafe damage. X-Drive and Tape-Drive sails can be made with laminates that come from the manufacturers with taffeta on one side. The taffeta layer does not add strength to the sail, but it does add durability by protecting the film on one side of the sail. Taffeta also reduces damage from flogging and hinging at the leech, but there is a weight and expense issue to consider. 

Taffeta comes in white and grey.

A single-sided gray taffeta on Tape-Drive Silver

A single-sided taffeta Tape-Drive full batten mainsail for a 50-foot catamaran. 

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