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Symmetrical Spinnakers: S1 Light Air Reaching

Formally called a VMG spinnaker

AWA 70-110°  

AWS 0-10 kts

Mid Girth 75-90% (of foot length)

Flat entry

In winds under eight knots true, boats make the best progress downwind by with the apparent wind around 90-degrees and then jibing. A sail for these conditions is made from a .5 to .6 oz. high-performance nylon, like Airx or Superkote, has a flat entry for sailing closer to the wind and has a reduced area to make it easier to fill in light winds. 

The heart of faster spinnakers is the construction method. The panel layout UK Sailmakers uses is called Matrix, which is a full radial layout that features narrow panels, each oriented to better align the threads in the cloth with the primary load-paths in the spinnaker. This is the most effective way to reduce distortion and make the strongest sail for its weight.

Every panel is shaped on all four sides in order to create a smooth round sail. For one sail to be so versatile, it needs to hold its shape without distorting. Distortion becomes most obvious when close reaching. Spinnakers made with generic nylon cloth stretch in the middle, causing their leeches to harden or hook; which reduces driving power, creates drag, and increases heeling. The only way to prevent distortion, without using too heavy a fabric, is to use performance nylon spinnaker cloth like those made under the Superkote and Airx names. These materials have the same strength and stretch resistance of one weight heavier standard nylon. 

Spinnaker Painting Program

Use this program to create a custom look for your new spinnaker or cruising spinnaker. Click here to go to the Spinnaker Painting Program.

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