Sail Accessories

Buy your sailing accessories from UK Sailmakers – below are a few examples of the accessories we carry. You can also visit our online store for a bigger selection. 

Jib Sock

Sunlight is a furling headsail’s worst enemy since the sail lives on the headstay for the whole summer. Most cruising sailors protect their sails from the sun with sewn-on leech and foot covers made of acrylic or UV treated Dacron. However the combination of constant sun exposure and being dragged across the rigging during each tack, takes a toll on these covers and they wear out rather quickly. In addition, they add weight to the back end of the sails they’re on which can reduce their light air performance. More…

Lazy Cradle

UK Sailmakers’ Lazy Cradle is absolutely the easiest way to put away your mainsail. Our sail handling system is a combination of a sail cover and lazy jacks. You simply lower the halyard, let the sail settle between the lazy jacks into the cover. Once the sail is completely lowered, zip the cover closed over the top of the sail. The system is perfect for short-handed crews. More…

The Stasher

The Stasher is a sleeve that goes over the cruising spinnaker to give complete control over the Flasher when setting or dousing. More…

Duffel Bags 

Our distinctive Tape-Drive duffels come in three sizes. All three have an outside zipper pocket on one end, a grab handle on the other end, a small inside pocket and an adjustable shoulder strap. 


UK-Halsey is proud to offer quality polos made of100% double pique cotton, which is extremely soft. The shirts feature the UK-Halsey logo on the breast and in the middle of the shoulders on the back. More..

Rules Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Racing Rules of Sailing with the UK Sailmakers Rules Quizzes. More…

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