Tape-Drive Carbon/Aramid – Cruising Mainsail

Tape-Drive Carbon earns its name from the black carbon fiber tapes used on the sails. The matrix of load-bearing carbon tapes can be applied to a range of skin materials.

Tape-Drive Carbon/Aramid is the highest performance material set for Tape-Drive sails. The grid of load path carbon tapes is bonded to a laminate skin made with aramid yarns (aramid is the generic name for yarns including Kevlar, Twaron and Technora). Aramid laminates come in different weights so that sails can be customized for different sized boats and different wind ranges. See the three different samples below. These all-black sails have the least amount of stretch of any sail UK Sailmakers makes besides our top-of-the-line Titanium and Uni-Titanium sails.

Tape-Drive Carbon sails are perfect for racer/cruisers who need sails to last more than three years. In fact, after a Tape-Drive sail loses its racing edge, it still has many years service left for daysailing and deliveries.

Three different weights of black aramid laminate made by Dimension Polyant for Tape-Drive sails. The lightweight material is used for small boats or light wind genoas. The medium weight laminate can be used for mainsails up to 45 feet, while the heavy material is used for heavy air jibs and offshore mainsails.


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