Dacron Cross-Cut – Cruising Mainsail

Modern classic daysailer with Dacron cruising mainsail and roller-furling jib with vertical battens.

A dacron roller/furling genoa and full-batten main on a Tartan 38. Robin Ricca photo. Click to enlarge.

UK Sailmakers’ cross-cut Dacron sails are for cruising sailors whose main concerns are price and longevity. Dacron cross-cut sails have all the panels parallel to each other and perpendicular to the leech. Fabrics with their greatest strength in the fill direction are used to withstand the anticipated loading along the leech of the sail since the greatest loads in any sail are up and down the leech. 

Cruising sailors choose Dacron sails for their all-around strength and good value. When longevity is the main concern, Dacron is the cloth of choice as it is resistant to most types of wear that a sail experiences during its lifetime. Dacron sails have a fair amount of UV resistance, they are virtually unaffected by bending and folding forces, and are resistant to chafe which is convenient when it comes to overlapping genoas. Additional options, such as the UV-Protective luff and foot covers for furling headsails, can considerably prolong your sail’s life.

The trade-off in choosing the longevity of Dacron is extended performance life. While a Dacron sail will stay in one piece for many years, it starts losing its aerodynamic shape over time because polyester yarn is stretchy compared to high tech yarns like aramid and carbon fiber.

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Dacron in-mast furling main sail with vertical battens.

Tack of a massive Dacron main on a 112-footer.

Available Details

Available with:
– Reefs
– Loose Foot
– Cunningham
– Telltales
– Draft Stripes
– Sail Numbers
– Leechline Options

– Powerhead
– Full Battens
– Furling Mains

Other Options:
– Lazy Cradle
– Lazy Jacks
– Dutchman
– Sail Cover

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