Cruising Code Zero Point Five – Cruising Spinnakers

The Nielsen 62 HOUND sailing with a Code Zero Point Five.

The Code Zero Point Five is a cross between a genoa and an asymmetrical spinnaker that is used for sailing close to the wind in light air. The original Code Zero was a sail  that circumvented the rating rule by making a large genoa for close reaching on boats that were measured with non-overlapping jibs. The Code Zero Point Five is designed for boats with overlapping instead of non-overlapping genoas.

Cruising Code Zero Point Five

Optimized for boats with overlapping genoas

  • Apparent wind angle: 65°-125°.
  • Apparent wind speed: 1-14 knots.
  • Approximately 70-75% of the sail area of a full-size spinnaker.
  • Mid girth measurement 75-85% of foot length.
  • A reaching sail that compliments a cruising spinnaker.
  • Deeper shape than a true Code Zero since the overlapping genoa can be used for the closest reaching angles.
  • Can be used with either a “top down” furler and detached torsion line or spinnaker dousing sock.
  • Material is easier Code 0 laminate or 1.5 oz. nylon.


A Shipman 50 flying a Cruising Code Zero Point Five.


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