Photographer John Lever caught INFINITY going into a spinnaker set. Here jib is made with UK Sailmakers’ Titanium LiteSkin construction.

Over the past several years at UK Sailmakers, we’ve had an amazing opportunity to develop sails alongside the close-knit and intimate J/105 Fleet 17 in Texas. Despite being introduced in 1991 as a new type of modern keelboat with a retractable sprit, we continually update materials and tweak our designs. Galveston Bay has proven to be a great venue, with several national caliber events to put our sails to the test.

Although the class has strict sail limitations, we’ve assembled a versatile set of sails that keeps the J/105 moving fast in the light summer winds as well as the heavy winter fronts. Our updated tuning guide reflects the changes we’ve made and should help new owners and seasoned veterans get their boat up tuned for speed with new sails right out of the box. UK Sailmakers has powered boats to success, with local victories and even a Midwinter Champion!

The Galveston Bay fleet is getting bigger and bigger every day; it started couple of years a go when only few boats came out to race. This year Lakewood Yacht Club draws 10-15 boats every regatta. One of our customers J/80 customers, Uzi Ozeri, started sailing a J/105 with our sails, which gave us the opportunity to work with the sail designs and tuning. Our sail designs have gone through many generations of asymmetricals, jibs and mainsails. Our current inventory consists of an all purpose mainsail, Running chute as well as a light/medium jib and heavy wind jib.


Mainsail is made of Contender Polykote Yarn Tempered 320 gms with radial patches, radial clew and radial head. The extra radial reinforcement prevents stretch. The sail comes with one reef, vision window, cunningham, RBS epoxy battens and a roll bag. The sail is designed for all conditions.


The Light-Medium Jib is Titanium-Carbon construction and is designed to use up to 14-16 knots of wind. For those very windy days we developed a heavy wind version with a flatter shape. Both jibs are made with vertical battens. Both versions of the jib include a telltale window, RBS epoxy battens and a roll bag.


We are on Version 7 of the A2 runner that is 89 sq/m with a maximum sized mid girth is made of AIRX 700. It is designed in coordination with UK Sailmakers Chicago. Our A2 is a perfect sail for medium to heavy breeze and works well in light winds. We do offer the option an A1.5 for drifting days but is a very limited sail; most everybody uses the A2 for classes events since only one spinnaker is allowed. Our class asymmetrical spinnakers come with racing numbers and a bag.


Above: the 110 sq/m jumbo asymmetrical.

For PHRF version we designed a X-Drive 155% Genoa made of Carbon, a 110 sq/m runner A2 asymmetrical made of AIRX600 and a Code Zero that is 75 sq/m made of a light weight aramid laminate that weighs 2.1oz and comes with a with Spectra luff rope, which is designed to use with the sprit halfway out.


The UK Sailmakers J/105 Tuning Guide helps sailors get up to speed right away. The guide covers forestay length, how to center the rig, shroud tuning, and more. Click here to download the UK Sailmakers J/105 Tuning Guide.

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