In the spring of 2005, the UK Sailmakers group of sailmakers merged with the Halsey-Lidgard group. The merger of two of the premier sail brands formed one of the most comprehensive sailmaking organizations in the world, whose purpose was to be able to deliver the best sails of the highest quality using the most advanced technologies — anywhere around the world. This required excellent people with both expertise and a positive attitude toward serving customers.

UK-Halsey united two very successful sailmakers, each known for quality and performance in different segments and territories within the sailing community. UK Sailmakers, founded in City Island, New York, was known as a leader in loadpath laminate construction, having pioneered Tape-Drive sails.

Halsey-Lidgard brought engineering expertise that had produced sails for such yachts as the 125-foot catamaran PLAYSTATION (nee CHEYENNE), record-holder under Steve Fossett for sailing around the world, and REBECCA, one among dozens of vessels over 100 feet flying Halsey-Lidgard sails. In addition to many winners in Sydney-Hobart and other top-level Australian and New Zealand races through the years, this company has an outstanding reputation in multihulls, ranging from cruisers in the Caribbean to RTW racers.

In fact, immediately following the merger, the group came together to be the exclusive sailmaker to the China Team’s America’s Cup challenge in 2006-2007. Five-time French America’s Cup campaigner Sylvain Barrielle of UK San Francisco was the sail coordinator and the group’s lofts in Hong Kong and Mystic manufactured the sails. UK Spain helped out with service-work. The group’s many strengths came together quickly.

After Andy Halsey left sailmaking and Butch Ulmer semi-retired, the group simplified its name to UK Sailmakers. Instead of being run by two famous sailors, a majority of the loft owners banded together to buy the company, thus binding together the international group tighter than ever. For a full history of our group, go click here.

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