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Cruising Mainsail: Voyager Cross-Cut

Sails made from woven polyester are still desirable for sailors. They can be fixed easily by any repair facility with a sewing machine, they mildew less since they don’t trap water, they have a traditional look, and they are less expensive than laminate and membrane sails. Voyager is a hybrid of woven polyester and inserted low-stretch Ultra PE yarns (UHMWPE, which is the generic name for yarns such as Dyneema and Spectra). This is also available for genoas.

Voyager Cross-Cut

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New: Introducing VOYAGER™ sailcloth from Nautosphere, a new material that has raised the standards for woven sailcloth. Voyager sails are ideal for offshore and performance cruisers.

Voyager is a hybrid woven fabric that combines Dyneema® yarns with high-tenacity polyester yarns of traditional Dacrons. (Dyneema® and Spectra® are tradenames for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene – UHMWPE).

Woven sailcloth has warp yarns running the length of the roll of cloth and fills yarns running across the width of the roll. In crosscut sails, cloth manufacturers use stronger yarns in the fill direction so that the stronger yarns are aligned with the highest loads in the sail – those that run up and down the leech. A cloth that is made with more strength in the fill direction is referred to as Fill-Oriented. As such, crosscut Dacron sails are designed with a fill-oriented cloth. Voyager sailcloth has Dyneema yarns woven into the fill direction, which provides near “off-the-chart” strength in the critical fill direction.

Another difference of Voyager sailcloth is the way it is made. Rather than using heat to bond the fabric’s yarns, Voyager uses “Cold-Setting,” a new technology developed for fiber-reinforced sailcloth that chemically shrinks the sailcloth far beyond what could be achieved with conventional heat setting methods. This Cold-Setting creates an ultra-high fiber density and, therefore, fiber-based stability that is greater than any other woven sailcloth we’ve tested. Importantly, this means that sails made with Voyager are largely unaffected by flogging.

Voyager relies on fiber density for stretch resistance and recovery after stretching instead of resin coating. This enhanced strength resistance and stability mean that Voyager sails will hold their shape much better than any other crosscut or radial Dacron — and it comes with a six-year guarantee to prove it.*

Cruising Mainsail: Dacron Voyager

Cold-setting also gives the material a stiff “hand feel” without having a resin coating that can crack and break away over time. That allows Voyager sails to retain their new-sail look and feel. And, because it is a breathable, woven fabric, Voyager sails are ideal for performance cruisers worried about mildew when stored in damp climates.

Even though Voyager cloth itself is more expensive than Dacron, the price of the sail is reasonable since crosscut panels produce nearly no waste, and with the six-year shape holding guarantee, Voyager sails represent a significant value.

Voyager cloth is a hybrid of woven polyester and inserted UHMWPE (also known as Dyneema and Spectra).

Efficient, nearly wasteless use of woven polyester sailcloth. Panels are oriented so that the strong fill yarns run parallel to the straight-line leech — the part of the sail that sees the highest loads.

Voyager is a woven cloth with the shape-holding of a laminate. This material is extremely strong in the fill direction.

Shape Stability:


Shape after 500 hours:
Circa 80%


Available details

Available with:

  • Reefs
  • Loose Foot
  • Cunningham
  • Telltales
  • Draft Stripes
  • Sail Numbers
  • Leechline Options


  • Powerhead
  • Full Battens
  • Furling Mains

Other Options:

  • Lazy Cradle
  • Lazy Jacks
  • Dutchman
  • Sail Cover

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